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Services For Students & Families

Yearning 4 Learning not only supports the learning needs of students, but we work with the entire family by providing case management and advocacy services. While students obtain personalized 1:1 instruction using Multi-sensory and strength based learning programs, the parents also receive support navigating and managing their child’s educational needs.

For Students

Yearning 4 Learning provides informal educational assessments that evaluates how they process information. The information obtained from these assessments guide the development of individualized intervention and remediation plans. The assessments include, but aren’t limited to, a review of student’s academic records, any previous testing and developmental/medical history, information from parents, teachers and other allied professionals.

All of this, along with informal tests (in the student’s specific areas of concern) we gather a baseline measurement of current performance. An individualized intervention plan is created for each student. The intervention plan is Strength-based and Multi-sensory. This means that the teaching techniques utilized assist learning by stimulating the students areas of strengths and their visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic areas of learning.

For Families

Yearning 4 Learning provides both Case Management and Advocacy Services to families. We develop a treatment alliance with families that is based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. Educational therapy provides a safe-haven to address learning needs where students and their parents are free from judgment and humiliation. We listen, observe, collaborate and offer support. We help guide families to best understand their child’s learning needs and develop appropriate expectations.

We assist with IEP meetings by making sense of the reports and records and assuring that the appropriate goals and services meet the student’s needs. We foster open communication with schools and allied professionals providing the necessary referrals and recommendation for services/accommodations at school when needed. Additionally, we create pycho-educational goals for students that will help to build their confidence and self-reliance.

List Of Y4L Services


Providing one-to-one individualized instruction to Pre-K through high school.


Yearning 4 Learning uses research-based techniques to manage learning and processing challenges.

Evaluations & Assessments

We provide information needed to develop and individualize intervention and remediation plans.

Strength-based & Multi-sensory Teaching

Our techniques stimulate visual, auditory, tactile, & kinesthetic areas of learning.

Case Management

We create psycho-educational (non-academic goals) that help build self-confidence and self-reliance.

Case Management

We create psycho-educational (non-academic goals) that help build self-confidence and self-reliance.

Parent Coaching

An ADHD and Executive Function Parent Coach and Licensed Facilitator of Calm and Connected: Parenting Children and Teens with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© and ADHD & Executive Function Challenges: The Social & Emotional Impact on Learning, Motivation, Behavior and the Family System© Parent Workshops created by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, PTS Coaching LLC.

Enrollment Forms

Before The First Session

In order to best customize the services we offer your child, we need to collect as much information as possible. Please fill out the following forms and bring them for the first session. Also, if your child has previous testing, please bring a copy of your files. This will also provide invaluable information and allow treatment to be more effective.



Cancellations: If you give at least twenty-four hours notice, there is no charge for one missed session. If you cancel more than 2x in a month, even with 24-hours notice, you will be charged for the 2nd session.

In order to foster communication, we will have a parent meeting near the beginning of service and additional meetings as needed or at the request of parents. Parent meetings will be charged at the standard session rate.

Please Note: A session is 50 minutes. Please come on time, so we can get as much as possible out of each session.


(School or Home)

$190 per hour

Initial Intakes,
Parent Meetings

$180 per hour


$180.00 for 50-minutes


(In Person,
Written or Phone)

under 10 min free,
over 10 min is prorated at $180/hr