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What Is Y4L?

Yearning 4 Learning is a private Educational Therapy practice located in San Francisco founded and operated by Missy Silver, MA/ET.  Y4L provides a variety of services to students and families who present with neurodiverse learning needs in grades PreK-8.  Educational therapists are highly trained professionals, and the learning support offered goes beyond teaching content or homework help.  At Yearning 4 Learning we create an intensive and individualized intervention & teaching plan that addresses the root causes of learning problems.  These interventions help to build a foundation for academic success that reaches far into the future.

How Can Y4L Help?

Yearning 4 Learning not only supports the learning needs of students, we also work with the entire family by providing the following:


Providing one-to-one individualized instruction to Pre-K through high school.


Yearning 4 Learning uses research-based techniques to manage learning and processing challenges.

Evaluations & Assessments

We provide information needed to develop and individualize intervention and remediation plans.

Strength-based & Multi-sensory Teaching

Our techniques stimulate visual, auditory, tactile, & kinesthetic areas of learning.

Case Management

We create psycho-educational (non-academic goals) that help build self-confidence and self-reliance.


We advocate for students by helping them to be facilitators of communication with their families, & their teachers.

Why Choose Educational Therapy For Your Child?

  • Whether diagnosed with a specific learning disability or not, educational therapy can benefit students who feel discouraged by their struggles to learn.
  • If your child struggles in school, has trouble maintaining focus & attention and these problems affect their self esteem, motivation, behavior and social relationships, Educational Therapy can help.

For more on educational therapy visit:
Association of Educational Therapists.


  • “Missy was very helpful in assisting Will’s mom and I prepare for the IEP meetings at Will’s school.  Throughout their time together, Missy demonstrated a genuine concern for Will’s success.  We don’t believe that Will would be the successful and confident student that he is today if it were not for the several years of working closely with Missy.”


  • "Missy's role as Educational Therapist at The Laurel School has brought so very much to our school, as she is one of the most dedicated individuals, I have had the pleasure to work with during my career. Missy's work with many of our students has been nothing but exemplary. She has been a necessary part of our quest to educate children with learning differences. Missy is truly the ideal teacher for what she does best....teach children the values of reading, math, executive function and much, much more through her experienced and certified methodologies. And, most importantly, she has been a wonderful role model for our students who absolutely adore working with her."

    - Hal Hensler, Head of the Laurel School

  • “Missy exuded knowledge, confidence and patience in working with our son, Zachary, to overcome his inability to concentrate and retain when reading.  Missy was able to gain Zachary’s confidence, teach him the fundamentals of reading then transitioned him to comprehension.  Today, Zachary enjoys reading books for pleasure and his comprehension in school is excellent”.


  • “Missy has been an extraordinary teacher, mentor and friend to our son for over 12 years.  She provided the needed support and guidance for him to thrive in his preschool, primary school and middle school - where he graduated at the top of his class, due in no small part to her efforts and her ability to motivate him to perform his best and develop discipline and organization in his study habits - and a joy of learning in all subjects.”


  • “Missy has an ability to draw the best from her students, combined with a unique perspective that every student is able to learn and has unique gifts to offer the communities in which they live.”


  • “Missy has been working with our son for five years.  She has helped identify his learning issues and pursue ways to assist him in these areas. Missy has continued to keep her skills and knowledge current throughout the time we have worked with her.  She applies this latest information to our son’s educational therapy.  He is doing significantly better in school with her help.  Our son counts on his time with Missy and looks forward to his educational therapy sessions.”


  • “Missy Silver has done outstanding work with our daughter throughout grade school and high school.  Missy has worked closely with our daughter’s teachers for the past 5 years to ensure that her way of learning was accommodated.  Since our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, it has been challenging as parents to work within the school system.  Missy has successfully navigated ways for the teacher, student and parents to work together in helping our daughter succeed.”


  • “If you are fortunate to get Missy up to bat for your child, I say “congratulations, you are doing a wonderful service for your child!”


  • “Missy has made such a tremendous impact on how much my daughter enjoys learning and her accomplishments to be part of an inclusive classroom.  Missy has given my daughter new creative ways to learn reading, writing and math concepts that have given her a new confidence and joy in learning.”


  • “Missy always has a plan for each session that creates fun and innovative multi-sensory techniques to teach concepts that lesson, and oftentimes, eliminate my daughter’s frustration with her homework and schoolwork.  Missy works closely with my daughter’s teacher and aide to provide ideas of how to adapt classroom lesson plans and different teaching strategies that are more effective for her learning preferences and abilities.”


  • “Missy is able to take an area of the curriculum that has been challenging for my daughter to learn and creates a scaffold of activities to teach her along with various extension activities to reinforce the concept that she is learning.  Missy is positive, collaborative, creative and engaging.”


  • “Missy is a keen observer, a gifted collaborator and an extraordinary advocate for young learners.  As a fellow professional, I welcome more opportunities to collaborate with her.”

    -Allied Professional

  • “Missy has been an absolute godsend for our organization.  Her dizzying level of expertise, her generosity and availability for collaboration, and her fierce advocacy on behalf of all students has made her an utterly indispensable force of nature at our school.  Missy’s passion is infectious, and as her colleague, I have benefited from her work at least as much as any of our students.  Missy’s presence here has been truly transformative! ”

    -Allied Professional


Before The First Session

In order to best customize the services we offer your child, we need to collect as much information as possible. Please fill out the following forms and bring them for the first session.


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