Why Yearning 4 Learning?

Do you have a child who struggles in school?

Do the challenges your child face affect his/her self-esteem, motivation, behavior and social relationships?

Does your child have:photo-5

  • Difficulty maintaining concentration?
  • Trouble sitting still?
  • Difficulty remembering to bring home, complete, or turn in their homework assignments?
  • Problems staying organized?
  • Poor study skills?
  • Difficulty managing their time efficiently?
  • Struggles with processing skills related to reading and writing?
  • Trouble remembering math facts and understanding concepts?
  • Is your child anxious about projects and tests?
  • Does your child resist going to school?
  • Difficulty comprehending text?
  • Struggles to meet benchmark standards in reading?
  • Difficulty learning or retaining sight words?
  • Weak critical thinking skills?
  • Is your child resistant to read?

If your child experiences any of the struggles/difficulties listed above, then he/she could benefit from the services that Yearning 4 Learning provides.

Everyone learns differently.  Students who do not respond to traditional teaching methods may experience academic difficulties. Whether diagnosed with a specific learning disability or not, educational therapy can benefit students who feel discouraged by their struggles to learn.

Yearning 4 Learning provides one-to-one personalized instruction using a multi-sensory, strengths-based approach.  By building trusting relationships, Yearning 4 Learning helps students to discover their strengths and motivates them to be proactive in their quest for success.