Services of Educational Therapist

Services of Educational Therapist at Yearning 4 Learning



Yearning 4 Learning uses research-based techniques to manage learning and processing challenges. This goes beyond academic skill building. The goal is to restructure how students think and process information, and provide them with the necessary tools and strategies in order to become confident, independent and successful learners.

Evaluations and Assessments

Educational assessments evaluate how students process information, as well as FullSizeRendertheir level of academic achievement. For students with learning challenges and/or processing disorders, the information from these assessments help to provide a better understanding of their learning profile. They provide information needed to develop and individualize intervention and remediation plans.

The assessments include various testing (depending on student’s needs), a review of the student’s academic records, any previous testing and developmental/medical history, as well as information gathered from parents, teachers and other allied professionals.

Recommendation for student accommodations and intervention/remediation plans will follow.

Strength-based multi-sensory teaching approach

Yearning 4 Learning approaches learning through more than` just one sense using student’s personal areas of strength to help them learn. Multi-sensory teaching techniques help students to gather information, link that information to ideas they already understand, problem solve, use non-verbal reasoning skills, understand relationships between concepts and store information to use later. These teaching techniques assist learning by stimulating their visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic areas of learning.

Case management

Yearning 4 Learning develops a treatment alliance based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. We help parents develop appropriate expectations. Educational therapy provides a safe-haven to address learning needs that are free from judgment and humiliation. We create psycho-educational (non-academic goals) that help build self-confidence and self-reliance. We foster open communication with schools and allied professionals.


Yearning 4 Learning advocates for students by helping them to be facilitators of communication with their families, and their teachers. We advocate for families by listening, observing, collaborating and supporting them. We assist with IEP meetings by making sure the appropriate goals and services meet the student’s needs. We offer assistance with reading/making sense of academic records/reports. We also provide referrals and recommendations for services/accommodations at school.